Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Poetry Contest Winners Announcement

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April is National Poetry Month

"A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone's knowledge of himself and the world around him." - Dylan Thomas

Neptune Public Library is proud to present winners of our poetry contest: 

Trinitee Smith
Winner of group Children K-4 


Today I was thinking about boys
They always think about their toys.
They are crazy.
They are kookie.
They always say "cool to dog poopie.
But one day I will marry one.
I don't think it will be much fun. 

Juliana Rodriguez
 Winner of group Tween and Teen 

Day at the Beach

Sandy toes in the sand;
The warmth of my parents’ hands.
Collecting colorful shells as we walk along;
Listening to the ocean’s soothing song.
A beautiful sunset dripping into the sea;
The noisy seagulls flying freely.
I look out and strain to see;
A dolphin family playing in the water happily.
There is no place on Earth I’d rather be;
Than here by the ocean only mom, dad and me.

Rosemary Wright
Winner of  group Adult 

Dining Hall, 1:55 pm                                                              

I could bolt out the door,
run away through September sunlight
warm like lemon glaze.
I could forget class,
abandon the blue portfolio,
and that drawing, my first,
messy and meaningless,
like tracks of slugs on sidewalks.

I stare at my plate,  
tuna sandwich reeks like cat food,
chocolate cake tastes like chalk.
A class critique.  My stomach lurches,
a pack mule stumbling on rock.

Lamar appears,
my sixth-grade student years ago,
now grown tall, dignified,
a Druid priest in an Eagle’s tee shirt.
He sits, tells me he’s an art major.
I blink,
tell him I’m retired,
trying new things.
My voice sounds small,
a mouse in a jar.

He frowns, touches my arm.
I feel the warmth
of crocus melting snow.
Stay in school, he whispers,
We’re all beginners.

I murmur thanks.
Still I scan the door,
like a bird fluttering  against glass,
seeking escape.

The clock ticks,
I trudge to class.

Teen, Tween Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, May 22
Tween Book club meeting for
Love that Dog
by Sharon Creech

 Tween's  next month book will be:

Sea of Monsters 
by Rich Riordan

Wednesday May 8
@ 3

Teen Book club meeting for

Along for the Ride 
by Sarah Dessen

Our June book will be
Paper Towns
By John Green