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April is National Poetry Month
Neptune Public Library is proud to present some selected poems from Neptune Writer's Club. We would like to hear what you think and help us choose our "Best Poem of the Month"

"A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone's knowledge of himself and the world around him." - Dylan Thomas

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By Juliana Rodriguez

Round, robust, and red;
The apple is juicy like a book I read.
Sweet, sour, and smooth;
The apple to my hunger it will soothe.
Ruby gems that glitter in the light;
No wonder Snow White couldn’t resist a bite.
When a man looked up;
down it came;
That is how the laws of 
Newton were named.
An apple has a cidery crunch;
I eat one every day for lunch.
Take my advice and find one quick;
It will give your body a healthy kick. 

The Hands
 By Tia Nicole Miller

The hands that hold me at night
I am just a baby, a newborn.
But, as I cry, an angel comes to me and whispers to me a sweet, soft lullaby.
The mystifying sound makes me feel like I had just had my warm milk.

The hands that lift me up.
On my 7th birthday, we arrive at the happiest place on earth.
The angel lifts me up and spins me around.
I squeal in delight.

The hands that tuck me in.
After my 9th birthday party, I get very sleepy.
So the angel tucks me in and kisses me goodnight.
I fall fast asleep.

The hands that drive me.
My angel takes me to a special place for my 17th birthday.
She drives me to the car dealer to buy me one.
This is the last time she will drive me anywhere.

The hands that wave goodbye.
As I turn 21, I wave goodbye to my angel.
I pack my things into the car and get ready to go.
Before I drive away, she smiles sweetly and waves back.
The final hug she gives makes me feel like I just had warm milk.

By Linda Franciosa

The ocean is calm, like I want to be.
 Delicate lace trims the edge.
I cast an invisible line, heart thought and cares.
Wisdom, solutions, strength, I wait for the ocean to speak.
Wind blows my ears, tosses around my hair.
Brilliant sun, my eyes squint.
Sleepy, tired, doubtful, I close my eyes.
Orange-red bright sun
through the blackness I can open my eyes, my solitude can be broken.
My shoulders are heavy, the bench hard, as if something weighted  me down,
or held me in my seat. I give in and let go.
I search for inner piece.
Welcome the cool breath on my neck,
the sounds of people pounding the boards, a bicycle chain, a slice of passing conversation.
I have found my spot looking out. 
I feel as if life is at a stand still time wasted, happiness fleeting. 
But here, facing the ocean, I feel my line tug.
Experiences like this uplift me, and I go home full.


Care and Share 
 By Wildflower

As simple as sharing fire from your candle.
As brave as sharing some babysitting time for a friend who has 3 toddlers,
As hard as sharing shelter with strangers who lost their home during the hurricane.
As fun as sharing a good laugh when your home team winning the final game.
As sad as sharing tears when a friend lost her love one.
As strong as sharing encouragement when a colleague getting lay off from the job he loves.

Simple, brave, hard, fun, sad and encouragement.
If you care you are willing to share the good and the bad equally.
If you care you are willing to share what it takes.
You share because you really care.

Children's Writing  Club Meeting
@ 6- 7:45 pm
Thursday, April 25


Creative Writing Workshop
Children Writers 

April 27, 2013
from 2 - 4 pm

Sign-up required 

Instructor: Dr. Lewis Prechel

Attendance: All children age 8 to 15 who love creative writing 

Topic: What makes up a plot and what is a protagonist and antagonist

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Children's  Writing Club

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Teen and Tween Book Club Meeting in April

Tween Book Club Meeting for:
The Bad Beginning
(A Series of Unfortunate Events)
by Lemony Snicket

Tween book in May:
Love That Dog
By Sharon Creech

Teen book Club Meeting for:
  Page by Paige
 A graphic novel by Laura Lee Gulledge

Wednesday, April 10

Teen book in May: 
Along for the Ride 
by Sarah Dessen

April Programs for Children and Families

Stories, fingerplays, & songs for babies
 age 6-24 months.
Mondays at 10:30

April 8  
Spring Is Sprung
April 15   
Feathered Friends

April 22   
In Bloom

April 29   
Bugging Out

Stories, fingerplays & a craft for 2 year olds.
Fridays at 10:30

April 12   
Splish Splash

April 19   
Whose Hat?

April 26   
Puddle Buddies

Fridays at 3:45

April 5   
Flower Power 
 Drop in any time during the hour to make these floral masterpieces!

April 12   
Fly Away Home 
A little birdie told me this is going to be a great program featuring a story and crafts!

April 19   
Earth Day 
 Make a collage to celebrate nature in this Earth Day program. 

April 26   
In Bloom 
Everyone will have a green thumb in this story and craft program!

Saturdays at 2:00

April 6   
The Hobbit

April 13   
Parental Guidance

April 20   
Here Comes the Boom

April 27   
Scooby Doo & the Circus Monsters