Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Large Print Fiction September 12

Heart and Soul-Rutland

Half Past Dead-Sawyer

Angels Fall-Roberts

Crime Brulle-Fairbanks

Riding Shotgun-Miller

Judge and Jury-Patterson

Blue Screen-Parker

Baby Brother's Blues-Cleage

New Fiction September 12

Black Order-Rollins
No Good Deeds-Lippman
End in Tears-Rendell
Power Broker-Frey
Murder by Design-Bloch

New Books on CD September 12

At Risk-Cornwell

The Namesake-Lahiri


The Hard Way-Child


The Foreign Correspondent-Furst

Wrong Hostage-Lowell

Pegasus Descending-Burke

New Non-Fiction September 12

Boys of October-Hornig

America Bank on Track-Kennedy

Crimes Against Nature-Kennedy

Tuskegee Experiment-Uschan

Where God Was Born-Feiler

Laura Bush-Kessler

Chew on This-Schlosser

New DVDs September 12th

Sopranos-Season 5
Liza with a Z
Black Hole
Final Destination 3