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Imagination - Creativity – Inspiration

Imagination - Creativity – Inspiration

Neptune Public Library is proud to present some short stories from Children's Writing Club
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By Jasmine king, age 8

There once was a girl named Dorothy. She was always kind and gentle.

She had a dog named Buster. Her friend Kate gave her the dog not knowing her mom was allergic to them. They kept the dog outside. Dorothy and Kate walked to school together. They had been best friends since kindergarten.

One day, Kate called and told Dorothy to come over fast. Dorothy rode her bike around the block. When she got there, Kate was crying. Dorothy asked her why. She said because she was moving. Dorothy couldn't believe her ears. In an instant both of them were crying. Why did this have to happen? Dorothy thought to herself. Then Dorothy asked why she had to leave. Kate said because her dad needed to find a better job. Dorothy sat there for a while not knowing what to say.

Then a thought struck her and Dorothy told Kate, “why don't you just stay here and you can live at my house”. Kate thought it was a good idea so they both went in to ask Kate's mom. She said no. Kate said, “why not mama” . Her mom said, “Don't argue with me. We are eating dinner now”.

Dorothy went to her bike and rode home. She told her mom and dad Why did Kate have to move Kate's the only friend I have . Then she ran up to her room to cry.

The next morning, when they got to school, Kate told Dorothy she was moving to Tennessee this week. Dorothy could not concentrate, she was thinking about the move. Kate told Dorothy to act like nothing happened. Dorothy liked that plan so she acted like nothing was ever going to happened but she knew in her heart that Kate was leaving. When it was actually time for Kate to leave, Dorothy gave Kate a big hug and they always video chatted on the internet.

When it was Dorothy's birthday, she opened all her presents. Then all of a sudden, Buster ran in with a small piece of paper in his mouth. When Dorothy really looked at it, she figured out it was a plane ticket to Tennessee. She was astonished. She was so happy! She got to see her best friend again, in person, for the first time in a year. She thanked Buster and her mom. She went to the store and bought him a big treat.


By Lydia Gallagher, Age 10

When I looked out my window this morning, I saw strange footprints in the snow. They were footprints I’ve never seen before. If they weren’t human footprints, they had to be some kind of animal prints. So I put my clothes on and raced out the door. I looked and looked at them for quite some time. Maybe the footprints were very small bear prints. But the footprints led to the door. Then I got really curious, why were they leading to the door. The thought ran through my mind over and over again. Then it hit me, tomorrow is Christmas, maybe we got a new puppy. I wasn’t really sure, so I went to my brother, Sean, and asked him if he knew what the strange footprints outside were. He was just as curious as I was. But he was too busy to help me. Then I realized my little sister, Autumn, had just gotten slippers that had a bear print on the bottom of them. I was disappointed that we didn’t get a dog, but happy I solved the mystery.
The next morning I got up and it was Christmas! I got out of bed and quickly ran to the living room. There were a bunch of presents. I opened all my presents. I felt sad that we actually didn’t get a dog. Then I remembered the prints yesterday and told my parents the whole story.

When I said I thought we got a dog, I saw a surprise look on my Mom’s face. Then I heard a barking noise from a box in the corner. Was I dreaming? I walked to the box and opened it. It was a little black lab. I was so exited! We named our new puppy Skittles. I was wrong about the footprints in the snow they were puppy prints!

Children's Writng Club July Meeting

Thursday, July 26
@ 6 - 7:45 pm
Children Writing Club meeting 
Open to all adults and youth who are writing stories for children
Imagination - Creativity – Inspiration

Tween Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, July 25
@ 3 -4pm
 Tween Book Club meeting for
Aliens on Vacation 
By Clete Smith & Christian Slade
Gr. 4-7

Programs for children and families from July 23 to July 28

Monday. July 23
@ 10:30
Mother Goose Time
Stories, songs, and action rhymes
Splish, Splash 
for infants 6 to 24 months

Tuesday, July 24
@ 2pm
Family Movies

Summer of Super Heroes
Fantastic Four

Friday, July 27
@ 3:45pm
Go for the Gold
Join the Library Olympics in this program filled with games and a craft

Sat, July 28
@10 am
Look to the Stars
Make a pair of star-gazing binoculars in the drop-in craft