Friday, November 17, 2006

We're Thankful for New DVDs!!!

New DVDs for the month of November...

A Prairie Home Companion- Director Robert Altman wrangles up an all star cast to tell the story of what goes on behind the scene at one of the countries favorite radio shows. It's a hoot as the cast gathers for one last time to sing, story-tell, and say goodbye.

An American Haunting- A family is terrorized by the Bell Witch of Tennesee. The scariest part? It's based on a true story!

Art School Confidential- All's fair in love and water-color! Young artist Jermone Platz paints a colorful plan to get famous at his East Coast art school. But, will he make a name for himself or will he just wind up with a mess?

Click- Workaholic Michael Newman is given a universal remote to as an answer to his prayers. Will things play out just how he wants them to? Or will he end up just winding his life away?

Over the Hedge- Everyone in the family will eat up this delicious comedy about some furry friends who make their way to the suburbs to scrounge up some good food!

Programs for the week of November 20 -25

November 21, Tuesday,
3:00 - 4:30 PM, Tween Scrapbooking, Grades 4-8.

November 9, Thursday, Thanksgiving, the Library is closed!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Books on CD & Audio Books

Books on CD

Echo Park-Connelly

Motor Mouth-Evanovich

The Messenger-Silva

Audio Books

Judge & Jury-Patterson