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Neptune Public Library is proud to present 3 stories  from Neptune Children's Writing Club. We would like to hear what you think and help us choose our "Feature of the Month"

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Amazing Flower
By Jasmine King
Age 9

Once upon a time there was an amazing flower.
It was blue, purple, and pink. It was like a rainbow.
Well, no one ever got to see this flower for it was far out in the woods, except for one girl. She was only 3 and was wandering around and she saw the flower. She did not know of its great power so she pulled it out of the ground. A fume came out of the flower flew in the air. She was so amazed. So she took the flower and ran home and hid it for many years.

Until she was a teen, she heard her friends talking about an amazing flower. And then she realized it was her flower that she hid for many years. She wanted to tell everyone but something stopped her every time. She didn't want anyone to have it besides her. She felt bad about this so she finally gave it up. She told her friends and they were all so excited.
Then suddenly the flower started to make fireworks.
It was so amazing!
She treasured the memory for generations and forever.

1st Place
By Bobby Dykeman
Age 11

            It was the day of the Colonial Terrace golf course parent child tournament. My father and I were competing. When I woke up I had the jitters, thinking I was going to do horribly. Only a few more hours to go, I told myself.
            We arrived at the course at 1:50 pm, but our tee time was not until 2:24, so we still had time to practice on the chipping area and putting green. After practicing, we went to the first tee to get our golf cart and to meet the people we would be playing with. I was going to start off our match by teeing up first. CRACK! Off went the ball to land at the 75 foot yard marker. I felt so proud of myself. I was off to play a great game of golf.
            On the next few holes I played pretty well, but on the 5th hole my trouble began. I started hitting balls in the woods, or onto other holes, and they weren't going very far. Sometimes after the practice shots I took I even missed the ball while trying to hit it! I was really embarrassed, and hoped no one noticed.
            After two more holes of embarrassing shots I got my game back together and started hitting better shots. Eventually we got to the last hole and I became a nervous wreck, but I tried not to show it. I guess I did pretty well because I don’t think anyone saw me. Then before I knew it this was all over.

The Caterpillar Journey
By Tia Nicole Miller
Age 12

The wind blows harshly over the soft, damp tree.
The storm was over.
Spring has come.

As the caterpillar lay on a hollow oak nearby, a leaf blew his way.
Not a dead leaf, but a perfectly alive one.
He thought to himself, “How wonderful, I was getting pretty hungry anyway.”
So he got up, and in great acceleration, left his hollow tree to eat the leaf.

“Sticky,” he thought, “ and the freshness is just right.”
Soon after he started he finished.

“All mine," he thought, "this tree is all mine.”
And fell asleep like a bat.

A short while later, he awoke.
“What a great nap, I feel so much better now!”

He tried to get up but fell out of the tree.
“Am I flying?” he thought in amazement.

The caterpillar was astonished, not knowing what he was yet.
Until a little girl, picnicking on some sandwiches nearby pointed his way
And said “Butterfly!”

“I’m a butterfly?” the butterfly thought.

“Cool, but I’m still hungry….” he began.
But no sooner had he thought that when… “Oh wow!”
Thousands of beautiful flowers had bloomed on the trees over the wintertime!

“I sure hope I like cherry blossoms!”

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