Monday, May 19, 2008

Poetry Contest Winners

Not Just Fiction
As I opened my brand new book
I began to form a new outlook
Expressing things I used to fear
Those are the things I now hold dear
By turning a page I gained another life
I began to live, in their glory and strife
I saw things from a new point of view
What they learned I learned too
By watching every move they made
I never paid the price they paid
By listening to what they had to say
I bettered my life day by day
Every story has a lesson to tell
If you listen you'll do well.

T. Berry

Open a Book
Like a Door,
and my imagination
soars and soars.
All of my problems
melt away,
When a good book
comes my way.
Romance, mystery,
whatever I find
seems to help
ease my troubled mind.

R. Cornett

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